Special Needs Respite Care in Omaha, Nebraska

The Autism Center of Nebraska’s special needs respite care services for adults and children are an essential factor in maintaining a healthy living environment for families of children and adults who experience intellectual/developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges. Respite care for parents, primary caregivers, and families of autistic and children and adults with developmental disabilities is an often under-utilized service. However, Direct Support Professionals from The Autism Center of Nebraska are changing the way families approach care for disabled and autistic individuals by providing individualized special needs respite care services for parents and families who are taking on the challenges of caring for loved ones with autism or intellectual disabilities.

What are Respite Care Services for Individuals
with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities?

Respite is a temporary break from the rigors of providing care to a family member. The Autism Center of Nebraska recognizes that respite is an essential component in maintaining healthy family structures for families who are caring for their family members who experience intellectual/developmental disabilities. Compassionate Direct Support Professionals trained by ACN can provide special needs respite care for parents and families.

Respite is sometimes under-utilized. It can be difficult for parents to admit they need support. Sometimes, parents may feel guilty asking a third party to come in and provide assistance. We understand that asking for respite can be a delicate topic and sometimes a tough decision. We understand that each family’s situation is unique and deserving of dignity and empathy.

Being a primary caregiver for a loved one is one of the most rewarding, yet often difficult and challenging responsibilities one could encounter. Many parents don’t realize the impact that caring for their child with disabilities can have on their own mental and physical health as well as on the family dynamic. When dealing with youth and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, the primary caregiver role can be even more exhausting, and can be overwhelming for families. ACN provides developmental disabilities respite in the family home, meeting the needs of the individual receiving care as well as the family. Whether you need a few hours away to have a dinner out, or a weekend break, ACN can help ensure that  everyone gets the time they need and deserve, in order to take care of themselves and maintain healthy family dynamics.

The Autism Center of Nebraska’s professional respite care services allow special needs caregivers to take a much-needed and well-deserved break from the day-to-day challenges and naturally-occurring stress that comes with taking care of a family member with autism or other developmental disability. disabled person. Our in-home respite caregivers come to your residence at your convenience, when you need them most. ACN’s compassionate, and highly-trained respite caregivers will not only help take care of the daily responsibilities necessary for caring for an individual with special needs, but also offer professional assistance and education for families who have questions and need advice on how to handle difficult situations with their loved ones.

Do I Need Respite Care for My Child or Adult
with Autism or Developmental Disability?

The reason in-home special needs respite care is often under-utilized is because it can be difficult for parents or special needs caregivers to admit they need support. Oftentimes, parents may feel guilt asking a third party to come in and provide assistance, because nearly every parent or caregiver wants to take responsibility for their loved ones. The Autism Center of Nebraska’s respite care providers understand that choosing special needs respite care services can be a delicate topic and tough decision for many Omaha-area families. Our compassionate caregiving staff will ensure that families will be treated with dignity and empathy regarding each family’s unique situation. Choosing respite care for special needs does not make one inadequate. Many parents don’t even realize the impact that caring for individuals with disabilities can have on their mental and physical health as well as family dynamic, until they experience the relief of having a bit of time to themselves with professional in home respite care. Furthermore, respite care offers the opportunity for new relationships to form, new experiences to occur, and new techniques or approaches to care to be learned from caregivers highly-trained and experienced in caring for special needs adults and children.

What are the Benefits of Respite Care Services for
Autism and Developmental Disabilities?

Countless studies have shown that families who utilize respite care for their family members with  intellectual and developmental disabilities even for one hour a week can improve the primary caregiver/parent’s marital satisfaction, decrease stress levels and reduce the number of mental health-related doctor visits, and even decrease instances of psychiatric hospitalization in youth and adults with autism or behavioral issues.

Siblings of those with developmental disabilities have reported a greater sense of confidence and belonging, due to the time they get to spend one-on-one with parents during scheduled respite care times. There are numerous testimonies of siblings, parents, grandparents, and additional family members or caregivers who use our respite care services, and can attest to how it has positively impacted their mental, emotional, and physical health, as well as improved their quality of life.

Why Choose Professional Respite Care from
The Autism Center of Nebraska?

ACN’s respite care staff is truly here for the entire family. We want to empower EVERYONE who is facing the task of caring for a special needs individual, as well as the individual receiving respite care. With ACN’s comprehensive in-home respite care services, you won’t ever need to feel like a burden asking friends, family, and neighbors to care for your loved ones. Our special needs caregivers have the training and resources that only a dedicated respite care provider can offer. We are fully equipped to handle disabled youth and adults of all levels of severity, individuals with aggressive behaviors, and additional challenges that perhaps a babysitter or family member might not be quite ready or able to take on.

Our special needs respite care services will offer you a new outlook on life and help you achieve a healthy balance when it comes to your home environment. Contact The Autism Center of Nebraska today for information on how to access this waiver service, and start your journey to a happier, healthier home life with respite care services!