Services for Adults with Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities – Omaha, Nebraska

The Autism Center of Nebraska offers comprehensive services for adults with developmental disabilities, as well as resources for families and caregivers, supporting community inclusion and offering a sense of empowerment and independence in adults with developmental disabilities. Tailored to each individual, our supports and services can be provided in small group homes in residential neighborhoods, in shared living arrangements with families or individuals, in the individual’s family home, or in the individual’s own independent home.  ACN strives to ensure that the services provided are individualized to the needs and preferences of each individual served. We want to be your partner in creating the life you want for yourself.

Work Life Structured Supervision:

The Autism Center of Nebraska provides adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a work life structure with the opportunity to focus and grow with sensorimotor, communication, and social services to help equip people with the skills necessary to become valued members of their community. Our compassionate and experienced vocational skills training staff provide job skills training to help coach adults with  autism and additional developmental disabilities until they are capable and ready to take on positions in their community all while feeling confident.

Job Training Services for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities:

ACN’s job training services, help Omaha-area adults with developmental disabilities perform specific job tasks to their employer’s specifications, while also teaching interpersonal skills that are frequently used on job sites and in the community. Our vocational coaches help to encourage and assist adults with special needs who are wanting to obtain a job in their Omaha community. Our vocational and pre-vocational program provides our participants with a way to find jobs which match the needs and preferences of our preferred employer partners. This benefits both the employee and the employer by creating a positive and beneficial job match.

Intermittent Residential Services for Adults with Disabilities:

Independent living and supported residential services are taught by the incredible residential services staff from the Autism Center of Nebraska. Our residential services for adults with autism and developmental disabilities are tailored to each participant with an individual service plan. We have homes located in residential neighborhoods, where our participants  can access the activities and services available in the community. Staff are available 24 hours a day in our residential group homes, ensuring safety and security as well as maximum independence and growth. ACN owned and operated group homes provide private bedrooms, and no more than three individuals living in a home, consistent with living arrangements typically found in our society.

Shared Living for Adults with Disabilities:

The Autism Center’s shared living providers support and, or host home services, are able to support and assist individuals with autism and additional developmental disabilities by teaching independent living skills in a home shared by the individual served and the contracted care provider. Living in a caring family environment allows for relaxed schedules and increased independence, while developing close bonds and valuable relationships with people who are trained to provide excellent supports to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

To learn more on the services ACN provides for adults with developmental disabilities, give us a call today!