Services for Children with Developmental Disabilities- Omaha, Nebraska

The Autism Center of Nebraska is the premier center for comprehensive services for children with disabilities, including autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities, offering services and supports in Omaha, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.

Intermittent Services:

The Autism Center of Nebraska’s supported service staff provides support on an intermittent basis to children with special needs residing in the family home. Children who live with their families may need additional supports in order to learn basic skills of independent living. We are a caring resource for families, providing experienced Direct Support Professionals in Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont and surrounding areas to work with children and youth on a 1:1 ratio during specific hours during the week, building independent living and social skills. Our compassionate and experienced staff are assigned to work with youth with special needs on a 1:1 ratio for specific hours during the week to help build independent living and social skills. Intermittent in-home services are available for children and teens living in the family home. 

Transitional Services for Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities:

The Autism Center of Nebraska offers transitional services for adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are transitioning from school to adulthood, typically between the ages of 17 and 21. Area school districts may contract with ACN to provide instruction under the existing Individual Education Plan. ACN’s transition services provide a calm, quiet, highly structured environment with 1:1 staffing as we work toward increased self-regulation and greater success.  Students in this transition program follow an outlined instruction plan in their Individual Education Plan in a calm, structured environment. Our goal at ACN Omaha is to ensure that each child is confident in handling daily responsibilities. We provide specialized supports to help each person and their circle of support understand their options and build the skills they need to become increasingly independent.

Autism Care for Toddlers:

ACN is proud to host Autism Care for Toddlers – a specialized pre-school program serving children aged 18 months to five. A program of Munroe Meyer Institute, the ACT program is enormously successful in developing expressive and receptive language skills, toileting, and other needed early interventions.

To learn more about the Autism Center of Nebraska’s services for children with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities, give us a call today!