Support for Families of Individuals with Disabilities- Omaha, Nebraska

The Autism Center of Nebraska understands that supports for families are an essential part of the overall success of an individual’s development. When someone you love has autism, or other developmental disability, getting the support you need from experienced and compassionate professionals can make all the difference.

What are my options when it comes to services for families of youth and adults with special needs?

At ACN, it’s all about choice. You have the power to choose what you’d like your loved one’s services to look like. We understand the needs of our families and can help support you in the way that is best for you and your child. Our individualized programs provide our families the ability to maximize their participation in the larger community. Understanding your options is very important to us, so we always start with a conversation with all parties involved in the care and education of your family member. Our mission at ACN is to support and enhance the quality of life for persons with autism and other developmental disabilities and their families.

At ACN, you’re part of the family. Regular activities are offered to promote socialization and, most of all, fun! Popular events include picnics, baked potato bars, chili feeds, game nights, movies, bowling, and more.

Our Core Values:

The Autism Center of Nebraska prides itself in our core values, which embrace the worth of persons receiving services, their families, and the staff who support them.

  • Every person is a valuable member of the community
  • Every person deserves respect
  • Every person is entitled to choice
  • Every person can grow and learn

Day Services:

ACN Omaha’s day habilitation services provide community activities and a wide range of services to accommodate every individual. We are committed to making all experiences available to you and your family. A typical day can include:

  • Physical activities
  • Life skills training
  • Community events
  • Volunteer opportunities

Residential Services:

Residential services include group homes serving three or fewer individuals, shared living arrangements in which an individual or family shares their home with your family members, and intermittent services in the family home or the individual’s independent home. In all service models, we focus on supporting individuals in becoming active members of the community. 

Respite Care Services for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

The Autism Center of Nebraska can offer various types of respite care at scheduled times, depending on the type of disability and individual needs of your family. Respite care is very necessary in order to give parents and family members a “breather” from the stresses of being a caregiver for individuals with disabilities.

Transitional Services for Teens with Special Needs:

The Autism Center of Nebraska offers transition services for children and adolescents who are transitioning from school to adulthood, typically between the ages of 17 and 21. Students in this transition program follow an outlined instruction plan in their Individual Education Plan in a calm, structured environment. Our goal at ACN Omaha is to ensure that each child is confident in handling daily responsibilities. We provide specialized supports to help each person and their circle of support understand their options and build the skills they need to become increasingly independent.

At ACN we understand that families are important. See our services array for more information. And please, give ACN a call today!