Year End 2020

A Message from the President and Chief Executive Officer

Leslie Bishop Hartung
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friends,

As we are nearing the completion of 2020, it gives us a time to stop and take stock, and really count our blessings. There are so many blessings at the Autism Center of Nebraska:

  • The Great Individuals Supported by ACN – Getting to know the persons supported by ACN is a constant joy. Each individual brings their own gifts and graces to our communities, and it is a gift to be able to participate in those relationships as our staff discover the importance of the work .
  • High-Quality, Committed Staff – Despite the pandemic, our staff come to work Every. Single. Day. They are tireless in their work, carefully adhering to our sanitizing protocols, and assisting in no small way in our efforts to contain the virus, and avoid the spread found in so many providers throughout the country. Our staff continue to report to work on a daily basis, because they understand the importance of the work.
  • Loving Family Members – During the years I worked as an advocate for persons with developmental disabilities, I was often saddened by the number of individuals who had no family members in their lives. Many of the people we support, however, are blessed to have loving parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, and friends, who take an interest in their lives, and serve as partners with ACN, because they know the importance of the work.
  • Dedicated Donors – As you probably know, the reimbursement rates provided by the State of Nebraska do not cover the actual costs of providing high-quality, person-centered care and supports. We laugh about this agency putting the “Not” in not-for-profit – but it’s important our donors know they are essential to ACN’s ability to maintain seamless delivery of services. We want to always be able to answer the call when someone needs an emergency placement. We exist to serve, and we are so very thankful for the donors who financially support the importance of the work .

In this season, we reflect upon a year which presented numerous challenges, as well as the opportunity to show our strengths in the face of adversity. And, as we prepare to move into 2021, perhaps an end of the year gift to the mission of ACN is an option for you. There are many ways to show your support for ACN during the holiday season.

As I close this letter, let me say that I am so very thankful for you, and for this great agency.

Best Regards,


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