Residential Services for Adults with Disabilities

The Autism Center of Nebraska’s Residential Services for Adults Can Help Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Find a “Place to Call Home”

The Autism Center of Nebraska’s residential services help adults and children with autism and other developmental and intellectual disabilities to discover their ideal living arrangements while growing in independence and discovering all their community has to offer. Each individual and family we serve has varying requirements and unique living accommodations which are vital to creating a successful independent living situation for all parties involved. ACN offers multiple options for residential programs, because we are committed to finding the perfect fit for you or your family member.

The residential support specialists at Autism Center of Nebraska can help individuals and families find the ideal residential habilitative services for adults with autism or special needs—whether that means a shared living option, a group home for three or fewer people, accessible housing, or intermittent supports for persons living with their families or independently. 

Types of Residential Programs

Are you, or someone you know, in search of housing for special needs adults? Are you a primary caregiver or parent who needs a bit of extra intermittent support for a family member living in the family home? Autism Center of Nebraska has several options when it comes to residential services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and families we serve. No matter what type of residential services you prefer, the individuals and families supported by ACN will gain a sense of independence as well as a warm, inclusive, and welcoming environment – whether in a group home, in the family home, or within a shared living arrangement. Below are some of the residential services for persons with autism and other developmental disabilities, offered in various eastern Nebraska locales.

Group Home 

ACN is in the business of building homes, not filling spots. Should you and your family member decide that a group home environment is the best choice for residential supports, you will be invited to visit a group home, get acquainted with the individuals already living there, share a meal, and conversation.  Group homes may seem “traditional,” but at ACN, we break from industry standards with our commitment to matching individuals with compatible housemates, ensuring privacy by requiring separate bedrooms for all individuals not related to one another, and fostering a welcoming and comfortable home-like environment by limiting group homes to no more than three individuals per home. We’ve chosen attractive homes in single-family neighborhoods in Omaha and Lincoln, close to such services as bus lines, fitness centers, shopping, library, and potential employers.  Group homes feature round the clock staff support provided by ACN’s Direct Support Professionals, assuring the perfect combination of teaching and supervision.

Extended Family Homes / Shared Living

ACN offers a shared living option, previously known as extended family homes, in which a person with autism or other developmental disability makes his/her home with an individual or family not related to him/her. This shared living model provides the advantage of close relationship while maintaining the security of round the clock staffing and supervision. ACN has found the shared living/extended family home concept to be particularly beneficial to children, to young adults making the first move from the family home but not yet ready to live completely on their own, and to adults who have developed close, mutually beneficial relationships with the shared living provider. ACN currently operates shared living arrangements in Omaha, Lincoln, Wahoo, Fremont, and Valley.

Intermittent Residential Services for Adults

ACN provides residential supports on an intermittent basis to individuals living with their families, or living on their own. These individuals may be children or adults, who benefit from 1:1 skill training and supports in developing independent living skills. Services are always individualized, and may focus on developing expressive/receptive language, meal preparation, money management, decision-making, and many other topics. For adults with developmental disabilities who are living independently, our intermittent residential supports ensure that skills in independent living are mastered and retained, including food safety, hygiene, budgeting and community access.

In short, our residential teams are there for every step of the way, from the process of finding housing for persons with special needs, to matching the individuals with a full of support and resources, and finding the appropriate home-like environment that does not feel institutional or restrictive. Our comprehensive residential services for adults with developmental disabilities are beloved by the people we serve, their families, and staff.

To learn more about our intermittent in-home support, group homes, shared living, or additional residential programs for adults and children with autism and developmental disabilities, OR if you are interested in learning how to host your own shared living/extended family home in the Omaha/Lincoln area, contact the Autism Center of Nebraska today!